Everything about Conecta


Conecta is a voice distribution platform that provides solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer cutting-edge technology allowing you succeed in the telecommunications business, using a cloud hosted switching platform and web-based interface that integrates the latest industry advances and best rates worldwide to increase your company’s ROI.


Our GOAL is to become your VoIP service provider


We work with the top carriers in the world to guarantee maximum call quality. We take pride in our connectivity and yours, and all of our customers get access to a free DEMO before proceeding.


We are part of a collective that connects over 7 billion minutes worldwide every year, awarding us and your business a serious competitive advantage. We also keep our operation lean so that we may transfer the savings to our customers.


Conecta is a people company, and our mission, like yours, is to connect people. We enjoy understanding the individual needs of our clients that we may address them efficiently. We also strive to build long lasting relationships via direct access to your own human (account rep), as well as cloud-hosted account management, and NOC resources 24/7/365.


Turn Key

With Conecta’s platform, you can take advantage of the latest media and communications technology without incurring R&D expenditures, engineering overhead, or maintenance costs.


Conecta’s technology platform offers the power of a robust service, while remaining simple and flexible in order to meet the specific needs of your target market.


In today’s fast growing, globalized world, Conecta offers you a long-term solution which evolves along with your needs.

Low Cost

Outsourcing your needs to Conecta can help you eliminate all system operations and structural expenses.


Conecta is nourished by entrepreneurs. We commit ourselves to our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit seeking to adapt their business models to emerging global technologies.


We understand the dynamics of the telecom market and are always evolving with its needs. We love working closely with our customers making sure their needs are met and up to date, keeping them always ahead of the curve.


  • Eliminates the initial investment of building your own network infrastructure

  • Eliminates the need for carrier agreements or deposits

  • Simplifies your business management through our easy to use web-based interface, which can be managed from anywhere in the world

  • Guarantees a smooth integration, and without fees

  • Minimizes continuous R&D costs

  • Provides significantly competitive long distance rates

  • Is robust yet flexible to adjust and adapt to future market needs


  • With global reach, Conecta provides innovative solutions and services for our clients to serve their customers better. The commitment to provide excellent service is in our DNA.

  • We provide the best resources to meet all needs of our customers, including Tier 1 connections around the world at the best quality and prices.

  • Conecta distributes virtual numbers in the U.S. and Latin America, including: Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and exclusively in Nicaragua.

  • Our global service is handled via a cutting-edge technology platform, connecting over 7 billion minutes a year.

  • Conecta seeks to understand the unique demands of each customer and strives to meet their goals, adding value with an innovation culture as the primary driver of success.

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