We offer DIDs from over 65 countries around the world

We have Local Number and Toll Free origination in over 65 countries, and national access “Toll Free” in 50 American States with inventory numbers in 99% of USA. Additionally, Conecta is a leader in DIDs for Latin America, including: Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Colombia Chile, Peru, and exclusively in Nicaragua.

Conecta allows you to maintain a numerical multi-country inventory, to help contacts abroad, reach you through a local call. Through our interface, our customers can generate products of numeric activation with ease and respond in real time. All provisions and logic are integrated so that all services are available from the same platform.


  • Global footprint
  • Flexible Billing
  • Number Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Network efficiency
  • Minimized R&D and costly implementation and integration errors

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